Korg Headtune announced

When it comes to the world of music as well as some accessories to help out you musicians, surely Korg is a name that would resonate with a fair number of people. Well, Korg has just announced the Headtune recently, making it the latest addition to join its line of clip-on tuners. Just what kind of benefits are musicians able to garner from the Headtune? For starters, the Korg Headtune is a fun, easy-to-use tuner which has been specially shaped to resemble the headstock of a guitar, bass or ukulele, depending on the model that you decide to pick up. All of the models will boast of features which enables it to offer a stress-free experience for beginners to tune their instrument, doing so without sacrificing the levels of precision that Korg tuners have become famous for. Apart from that, the Korg Headtune will also feature an extremely compact and lightweight body which will easily fit into the pocket of a guitar case, making it a snap to carry around.

If you are a budding musician or a seasoned professional, it does not matter. The Korg Headtune is within reach financially for just about everyone, considering how it will retail for $19.99 a pop. Enough about pricing though, just how will the Korg Headtune work? Well, whenever a single note is played, the Headtune’s built-in piezo pickup will instantly detect the pitch of the vibrating string. Having said that, a couple of types of LEDs will then light up, where an LED meter is there to indicate the pitch, while the presence of a string indicator LED will indicate the peg location. When both of them work in tandem, the LEDs will provide a clear indication (even to the most clueless person) of which tuning peg is in need of an adjustment, and just how much adjustment should be made.

Thanks to the Headtune’s design, it enables an instrument to be tuned without having to remember the note names of each open string, which would come in handy for beginners.

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Korg Headtune announced

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