Equation Watch tells the time using math

When I was a kid, I used to wonder just why am I studying all of the different mathematical formulas when I do not need to use them in real life? Oh, the naivety of it all! It seems that mathematics keep the world going, as they envelop just about every single bit of our life. The way physics calculations work, those require math. How about the best meal you’ve ever tasted? Math is involved, too, as you will need to measure out all the ingredients correctly. There is no escaping math, which is why it would be cool to tote the $29.99 Equation Watch around.

Sure, you can always fall back on a digital watch’s face, but where’s the fun in that? An analog watch is so much cooler due to the moving parts, and the Equation Watch goes one up as it requires you to work that brain, with results of mathematical equations being the current hour, although you can always tell from the hands’ positions alone without having to crack your head. Still, I am quite sure that checking out the different equations each day will drum into your subconscious the result automatically.

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Equation Watch tells the time using math

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