bēm wireless speaker trio starts to ship

I know that the above title does seem to have its fair share of typos, but that is because the official names of the company as well as the device itself does not sport any upper case letters. Yes sir, bēm wireless did announce that they will start to ship the speaker trio, having unveiled the bēm wireless speaker trio at the recently concluded CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name of the speaker trio itself gives the game away, where it will comprise of three different speakers which share a common wireless connection to its base. Basically, you can say that the speaker trio is an audio product which was specially designed to enhance the user’s lifestyle, where it delivers pounding, pulsing beats to different rooms with the help of the control of a solitary Bluetooth device.

Bryan Katzel, Director of Marketing and Product Development for bēm, said, “Elevating our consumer’s lives to their highest potential is our top priority at bēm. From conception to execution, we crafted the speaker trio to help eliminate wires with a simple interface that allows users to forget about complicated audio gear and just enjoy their music.”

You will be able to place all three speakers in multiple rooms, where it will enable you to simultaneously ramp up the tunes the next time you host a party at your pad. The wireless connection that each speaker shares with the base will enable the user to control music from a single device, be it the same iPhone, iPad or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Of course, it will be limited in terms of range due to Bluetooth’s specifications, leaving it to approximately 120 feet of wireless connectivity. Once the party is done and over with, all you need to do is return the speakers to the base and they will be able to enjoy an easy, wire-free recharge experience. The speaker trio can be yours for $299.99 a pop.

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bēm wireless speaker trio starts to ship

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